Stainless steel/aluminium

Specialists in low tension, sheet material. That's how you could best describe the stainless steel/aluminium division of Roba Metals. Stainless steel has to be as flat and low tension as possible if you want to process it using a laser cutter, for example, or other fabricating machinery. These requirements for flatness also apply to aluminium, for example when used for facade cassettes. Our machine is equipped with the most modern leveller, as a result of which we can supply you with very flat, low tension material.

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Special finishes

Roba Metals BV represents Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd in the “Benelux” region (Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxemburg).

Rimex is a manufactures a number of specialised finishes on stainless steel and other metals.

The product range includes patterned finishes, for example 6WL/ 5WL /2WL and 7GM®, as well as the embossed finishes Linen / Canvas / Squares and Checks. Roba Metals BV in IJsselstein, the Netherlands, stocks these patterned and embossed finished in stainless steel sheet.

Further, Roba Metals BV can supply you with a total of 7 different coloured stainless steel finishes from Rimex’s ColourTex® range. These electrolytic colours are one of a kind and can give, in combination with different structures and highlights,  a 3 dimensional look. The ColourTex® stainless steel products are usable for many purposes in interior design as well as in façade construction. If used in 316 / 1.4404 grade stainless steel they are excellent materials for use in maritime  surroundings.

Glass pearl finishes are non-reflective and can be found in Rimex’s Granex™ product range. Alternatively, if you prefer an etched finish we advise you to take a look at the MetalArt™ series which offers an endless selection of standard and custom made designs.

Special mention needs to be made of Rimex’s Super Mirror sheet which is a highly polished mirror stainless steel that contains zero polish marks. It is the perfect mirror finish and is deliverable directly from stock in several dimensions and in any quantity.

Rimex manufactures a patterned tube product called RigiTube®. These structured tubes generate better grip in combination with an aesthetic effect which Roba Metals promotes and sells as its Harimex product for railing tubes.

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