Galvanised steel


The robustness of galvanised steel

Galvanised steel tubes are often used for the installation of central heating systems.

Due to the thermacally zinc-plated lining, the tubes are corrosion resistant. The zinc layer is protected against rust by a transparent laque layer. The tubes are easy to install, very bendable and well-suited to be covered with a layer of paint. The precise sizing enables you to use all commonly-applied fittings.

Galvanised steel (central heating tubes) at Roba Metals

Roba Metals is a supplier of the Contiflo tubes by Tata Steel. The Contiflo tubes are known for their excellent quality. The outside of the tube is covered with a layer of zinc. Therefore the outside of the tube has a glossy finish, while the weld is completely covered. The zinc layer is available in several thicknesses.

The advanced galvanizing process guarantees an extremely good fixation of the zinc layer to the tube. This makes the Contiflo tube suitable for several types of processing. The tube is protected against white rust by a passivation layer. The inside of the tube is treated with a burnt-in oil as well as a zinc spray for an outstanding protection.

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  • All commonly-used diameters in the installation industry are available directly from stock
  • The tubes are delivered in 6-meter lengths. Other fix-lengths are also available from stock
  • The tubes are delivered in hexagonal bundles


In the Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux we deliver your order from stock within 24 hours. We offer standard qualities and special sizes. We keep plenty of stock to ensure short delivery times.

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Our galvanised steel tubes are certified in accordance with EN 10305-3 and EN 10305-5. Our steel products are EN 10111 and EN 10130 certified.