Roba Metals & CSR

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is running through our veins.

Roba was founded in 1937 as a metal recycling business. Even though nowadays our business activities have expanded, metal recycling remains one of our core activities in the industry. By recycling tons of scrap metal, we give metal a second life. We encourage the reuse of recycled material, as scrap metal can create new durable goods. As a result, this contributes to less waste.

Care for our people

We care about our people and the environment that we are all part of. Our doors are open for anyone who would like to contribute his/her knowledge and expertise to our shared goals. As a fully independent family business, people are at the centre of the way we conduct business. We value the importance of giving people chances. We fully embrace the notion of inclusivity.

Roba aims to be an active member in the community. We sponsor local sport clubs and support initiatives in the field of health care, education and culture. We encourage our employees to live a healthy and responsible life, and try to stimulate them in doing so by taking part as a team in sport activities, such as running events and bike tours. 

Care for our surroundings and our planet

We recycle natural materials that originate from our earth. A circular economy matters to us. We process secondary material in our metal semi-finished products. To us, this is important. In this way we can make a contribution, albeit modest, to the preservation of raw materials and a sustainable environment for future generations.

Our products are durable, have a very long lifespan and are 100% recyclable. This contributes to the improvement of the environment, as it reduces the impact on the usage of natural resources. 

Our Delfzijl plant is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. In addition, we hold the MRF-Quality Label from the Dutch Metal Recycling Federation.


Metal recycling is one of our core activities. We fully take over the burden of your scrap metal - we process your aluminium waste directly and effectively. While we focus on recycling aluminium, we also process other non-ferrous scrap such as copper, nickel and titanium. We specialise in recovering the available raw materials from your used production materials.

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