Rigidized sheet 6WL

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6WL has a very specific patterned finish, which makes it suitable for diverse industrial applications. Think for instance of a vibrating conveyor for transport in the food industry (e.g. potato slices).

About 6WL

At the same time, 6WL also offers an aesthetic option, for instance for cladding of elevators or facades. 

As the exclusive representative of Rimex, we can offer you a large stock in different sizes. Roba offers 6WL sheets in different standard measurements – from 2000×1000 mm up to 4000×1250 mm. Our sheets are always delivered with a sheet of paper in between, and if desired covered with a layer of foil that is suitable for fiber laser cutting machines.

Specifications 6WL sheet


0,60 - 2,00 mm


1000 - 1250 mm


2000 - 4000 mm


2R (BA)