Aluminium everywhere

You can find aluminium everywhere, everyday. From your smartphone, flat-screen TV, kitchen utensils and furniture, to trucks and aircraft seats.

Aluminium is also used for architectural applications. Due to its light-weight nature, aluminium creates very solid connections. Aluminium possesses the very favorable asset of being light and strong at the same time.

There are plenty of ways to cut, punch, bend and fold aluminium in order to get your desired effect. The possibilities of aluminum go beyond your imagination and expectations.

The diverse processing possibilities, combined with all its other advantages, contribute to the large popularity of aluminium.


Aluminium specific weight is 66% lighter than steel. Due to its light specific weight, aluminium is easy and inexpensive to ship. Despite its light weight, aluminium is a very strong and easy to process metal. The aluminium sheets and coils that we produce are very suitable for a wide variety of projects and applications.


Aluminium is 100% recyclable and keeps its original characteristics during the recycling process. We have been an expert in aluminium for over 80 years. We are keen to advise you on how to recycle your metal scrap. Did you know that we can purchase your scrap? We are able to process your scrap into semi-finished products – all done in a responsible and sustainable way.

Corrosion resistant

Aluminum is naturally covered with a thin but protective oxide layer. This layer protects the material against the elements. By anodizing the product, the protective layer becomes even stronger. The advantage of this artificial layer is that it can be realised in all sorts of colors. We are keen to show you all our possibilities.

Aluminium at Roba Metals

We are known for our production of high quality and low tension flat material. Our service centers are highly specialised in this process. It enables you to easily process our material with a laser cutter or other equipment, without any loss of its quality. With our own, state-of-the-art equipment, we can apply foil to aluminium sheets and decoil aluminium coils in the way you desire. We are able to produce sheets with a length up to 12 meters, a width up to 2 meters and a thickness of up to 3 millimeters.

We are an international supplier of aluminium in standard sizes and qualities. We can supply you directly from our stock.

We always have several aluminium alloys on stock. These are used for cladding, car bodies, construction and ventilation techniques. We deliver within 24 hours in The Netherlands and beyond.

We can also deliver rare sizes to you. With our lengthy experience, we are keen to help you to find exactly what you need. Just as it should be.

Are you looking for different alloys? Please get in touch so we can inform you about the possibilities.

Aluminium bewerkingen in ons Service Center

Our organisation is known for its experts. In our own state-of-the-art service center, our modern machines are able to decoil and foil aluminium sheets. This is performed with such precision that you do not need to worry. We deliver sheets in all colours and finishes you desire.

Mill finish paint quality


Mill finish anodising quality


Painted in different RAL colours

In both sheet and coil


PVC protection foil


In the Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux we deliver your order from stock within 24 hours. We offer standard qualities and special sizes. We keep plenty of stock to ensure short delivery times.

We believe that flexibility provides for long-term relationships. Our account managers are always prepared to give you their expert advice and find the right answers to your questions. Please contact us for any further information.


Our aluminium products are EN 10204-3.1 certified. All our plants and suppliers are EN-ISO 9001 certified.

Your account manager assists you with tailor-made advice

Based on your demands and work process, we offer you flexible contracts

Thanks to our large stock capacity, we can directly deliver what you are after

We offer the possibility to customise your product or order