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Stainless steel Mirror 8 are high gloss polished sheets with a mirror effect. Our Mirror 8 quality is a great alternative to glass mirrors, as it has the same quality and brightness, yet it cannot shatter. Because of this, this material is also known as Rimex SuperMirror.

About Mirror 8

The mirroring effect provides a luxurious look. Mirror 8 is among others being used for ceilings, washrooms and transport applications, as well as luxury yachts, elevators, facades, and security mirrors. 

As the exclusive representative of Rimex, we can offer you a large stock in different sizes. Roba offers Mirror 8 sheets in the sizes 2440×1220 mm and 3050×1220 mm. The sheets are always delivered with two layers of foil. The foil is suitable for all modern fiber laser cutting machines.

Specifications Mirror 8 sheet


0,80 - 2,00


1220 mm


2440 - 3050


2R (BA) Mirror 8