Rolled lead - Sustainable and protective

Lead is known for both its aesthetics and functionality.

Lead is a flexible and corrosion-resistant metal that has a long lifespan. The high mass density is characteristic for lead and this enables it to adverse harmful radiation and sound. 

Rolled lead sheet is an often-applied metal in construction. Rolled lead sheet is used in walls, window frames, roofs and dormers. You can also find lead at airports and in medical applications. Lead is used in baggage scanners and hospital equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Although radiation is of essence for certain types of diagnoses and treatment, longtime exposure can however cause serious harm to our body. Due to its high density, lead can also protect us against such dangerous radiation. 

Lead at Roba Metals

Roba Metals supplies a wide assortment of standard rolled lead for the Dutch and Belgian market. We also supply lead coils and sheets for protection against radiation and noise. 

Thanks to our large stock capacity, we can directly deliver what you are after

Your account manager assists you with tailor-made advice

Based on your demands and work process, we offer you flexible contracts

Lead is a sustainable and fully recyclable material


In the Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux we deliver your order from stock within 24 hours. We offer standard qualities and special sizes. We keep plenty of stock to ensure short delivery times.

We believe that flexibility provides for long-term relationships. Our account managers are always prepared to give you their expert advice and find the right answers to your questions. Please contact us to get to know more about the possibilities.


Our lead products are certified in accordance with the European norm EN 12588.