Leather OneTex™ sheet (12LG)

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Leather OneTex is stainless steel with a rolled-in circled patterned finish. It is also named Rimex 12LG.

About Leather OneTex

This patterned finish is specifically meant for visual applications. The material possesses a shiny and scratch-free surface, which is therefore often used in the elevator sector. 

As the exclusive representative of Rimex, we can offer you a large stock in different sizes. Roba offers Leather OneTex sheets in the sizes 2500×1250 mm and 3000×1250 mm. Our sheets are always delivered with a layer of foil, which is suitable for fiber laser cutting machines.

Specifications Leather OneTex sheet


0,60 - 2,00 mm


1250 mm


2500 - 3000 mm


2R (BA)