Stainless steel/aluminium

Specialists in low tension, sheet material. That's how you could best describe the stainless steel/aluminium division of Roba Metals. Stainless steel has to be as flat and low tension as possible if you want to process it using a laser cutter, for example, or other fabricating machinery. These requirements for flatness also apply to aluminium, for example when used for facade cassettes. Our machine is equipped with the most modern leveller, as a result of which we can supply you with very flat, low tension material.

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High Application Alloys

High Application Alloys

This department is a combination of specialisms, who have a focus on supplying high application stainless steel alloys and distributing across  the world.

These materials are used in highly corrosive environment - in chemical processing plants, the oil and gas industry and the energy sector.

Our keywords are:  service, flexibility, quality and reliability.

Our high-performance materials Alloys:

  • Corrosion resistant alloys
  • Heat resistant alloys
  • Duplex
  • Super duplex
  • 6-moly alloys
  • Nickel and nickel alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloys

Delivery Program:

  • Standard sheets and coils
  • Blanks
  • Discs cut from sheet and plate
  • Slitted strip
  • Round bar, hot rolled or forged and peeled
  • Round bar, cold drawn h9
  • Flat bar
  • Seamless and welded pipes
  • Forging produced to customer requirements

Quality & Material certification

  • Roba Metals BV Quality Management is EN -ISO 9001 certified
  • Our suppliers and partners are EN-ISO 9001 and PED certified
  • The alloys are certified in conformance with all current and international standards and specifications
  • Material certification according to EN 10204-3.1 and EN 10204-3.2
  • Customer requirement and approvals on customer demand.