253 MA sheet UNS S30815 (1.4835)

  • Unique stock in the Benelux
  • Diverse types of contracts possible
  • Your own account manager will keep you up-to-date throughout the process

253 MA is heat resistant austenitic stainless steel with excellent oxidation and creep resistance in cyclic conditions that is best employed in high temperatures up to 1150 °C.

There is a slight susceptibility to embrittlement during continuous operation between 600–850°C. Roba Metals offers a wide range in diverse sizes directly from stock. If desired we can also offer several different types of contracts for 253 MA sheet in standard or special sizes. 

253 MA sheets are available in different sizes from 2000×1000 mm up to 6000x2000mm. We have sheets up to 10mm in stock. We are able to deliver those within 24 hours. If you need sheets thicker than 10 mm we can always make an offer upon request. 

Possible specifications sheet


253 MA

Thickness in mm

1,00 - 50,00

Width in mm

1000 - 2000

Length in mm

500 - 12000


2BB, 2E, or 1D