Duplex sheet UNS S31803 (1.4462)

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Duplex stainless steel offers the perfect combination of strength and corrosion resistance.

Duplex consist of two phases austenite and ferrite. The advantages of austenitic and ferritic steel are combined in one product. This structure contributes to a high mechanical strength and a high resistance against tension corrosion. The high mechanical strength makes it possible to use thinner material for constructions and this lowers the costs.

Other characteristics of Duplex are: excellent wear and corrosion resistance, low cycle fatigue behaviour and low thermal expansion. Duplex is easy to weld. 

Due to the high corrosion resistance Duplex is used in the petrochemical and offshore industries. We always have a large stock of sheet in 1.4462. Upon request we can also offer other types of Duplex like Superduplex 1.4410 or 14062. 

Duplex sheets are available in different sizes from 2000×1000 mm up to 6000×2000 mm. We have sheets up to 50 mm in stock. We are able to deliver those withing 24 hours. If you need sheets thicker than 50 mm we can always make an offer upon request.

Possible specifications sheet



Thickness in mm

1,00 - 50,00

Width in mm

1000 - 2000

Length in mm

500 - 12000


2E, or 1D