Our COVID-19 policy

Information regarding our COVID-19 policy

We are following the information from the Dutch government regarding COVID-19 closely. It speaks for itself that Roba follows the rules issued by the Dutch government. We would like to share our internal policies to stop the spread of the Corona virus and protect the health and safety of our employees with you. At the same time we are doing our utmost to make sure our customers get the service level they are used to.

Working from home

Our office employees work from home unless this is not possible. In case employees need to go into the office there are strict rules. People are required to keep 1,5 meter distance and to wear face masks when they are not behind their desks. Employees are also obliged to take into consideration all hygiene measures as communicated by the Dutch government.

In case of possible symptoms

Employees with symptoms like a cold, sore throat, coughing and/or fever report this to the responsible person within our organisation, get tested and stay at home. In case an employee came into contact with someone who (possibly) has the corona virus or travelled to a high-risk area, the employee in question stays at home as well.

Business meetings

Business meetings (in and outside the Netherlands) are not allowed at this moment. Guest are only welcome if this is neccesary and after approval by the management. All guests have to register at our front desk. Guests have to adhere to all hygiene measures. This means using handsanitizer, keeping 1,5 meters distance, wearing a face mask when moving. It speaks for itself that meetings can also take place by using a videocall system.


We ask truck drivers to stay near their trucks whenever possible. Truck drivers have to wear a face mask during their visit to our premises. Truck driver register at our Covid proof office where they can wash their hands and use the bathroom. We kindly ask truck drivers to comply with all hygiene measures. In case you pick up your material or in case you are making a delivery please inform your logistic partners about our policies.

We trust that the measures we took will eliminate the risks as much as possible. In case our policy changes, we will inform you about that.

We thank you for your understanding and your trust in Roba.