Roba Metals is involved in many sectors. Any organisation which makes use of metal products can be a customer of ours. What all our customers have in common is that they need a proactive supplier with in-depth knowledge - of products and of the market. We have our antennae out in the market and understand the important issues in various sectors. We also advise you, the customer, openly and transparently about market developments and prices.

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From the construction and installation sector to laser cutters and foundries

The breadth of our product portfolio ensures that we can be the preferred supplier to organisations in very diverse sectors. We also supply from various locations in Europe. We work closely with you, the customer, as a result of which we can supply swiftly and flexibly.

An idea of the sectors in which Roba Metals is involved (in random order):

  • Construction sector
  • Fitting industry
  • Technical wholesalers
  • Automotive
  • Machine and equipment manufacture
  • Packaging industry
  • HVAC
  • Office furniture sector
  • Sheet steel processing industry