Stainless steel 441 (1.4509)

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  • Custom-size sheets are possible

Stainless steel sheet in grade 441 (1.4509) is a ferritic type of stainless steel.

Stainless steel 441 has an excellent corrosion resistance and is resistant to a maximum temperature of 950°C. STS 441 does not contain nickel, which means the price is relatively low and stable. We do not recommend using STS 441 in a salty environment. A major asset of STS 441 is the resistance against tension corrosion. Therefore it is often used for elevator doors, catalysts and gas exhaust channels.

Roba Metals offers stainless steel sheets in grade 441 in several sizes from 2000×1000 mm to 3000x 1500 mm. If desired, we can also produce special sizes. This is possible both with and without paper or laser foil. We are able to grind 441 on one of our three grinding lines. Grinded or brushed stainless steel 441 is often used by manufacturers of elevators. 

Possible specifications sheet


Stainless steel 441

Thickness in mm

0,80 - 3,00

Width in mm

1000 - 1500

Length in mm

500 - 12000


2B or processed

Grinding grain

K180 - K320, or brushed