Copper tubes - Medical gas

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Copper medical tubes

In sensitive care areas and installations, it is imperative to use materials that are durable and guarantee cleanliness. Copper tubes transport medical gasses such as oxygen, medical air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or other gasses. Clean brazed copper tube systems ensure that the necessary medical gasses remain clean when we visit the doctor, dentist or hospital. Copper prevents the build-up of microbial growth in gas systems, so medical gasses stay clean as they travel through the system.

Safety standards for oxygen and other medical gasses require the use of copper tubing in accordance with EN 13348. Copper tubing (TALOS MED) for medical gas systems is appropriately cleaned and capped. Once caps are removed, the installer must ensure that the system does not become contaminated.


  • CU-DHP (Talos MED) copper medicinal tubes with high purity of minimum 99.9% copper.
  • Produced according to the specifications of the European standard EN13348. 
  • Hoge zuiverheid van inwendig en glad oppervlak.
  • High purity internal smooth surface. (Talos MED) medicinal tubing is available on a coil and straight lengths of 5 meters. 
  • Comes with end caps to prevent contamination from dust and other particles during storage or transport.