Copper tubes - Industrial

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Copper industrial tubes

Roba is a leading supplier specialized in trading, processing and marketing of copper and copper alloy products. For over 50 years, Roba has been supplying copper tube systems with added value that meet today’s requirements in various fields of industry, such as plumbing and heating, HVAC & R, renewable energy (SOLAR), heat exchangers, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Copper tubes offer significant advantages such as: stable chemical and mechanical properties, resistance to high operating pressures and temperatures, air and water tightness, antimicrobial properties and ease of installation.

Roba’s industrial copper tubes are characterized, among other things, by the ability to be formed into shapes that require a high degree of elongation. This high degree of deformability is important in the fabrication process of critical HVACR elements such as boiler connection fittings, heat exchanger parts and other intricately formed components.


  • CU-DHP copper tube with high purity of minimum 99.9% copper.
  • Produced according to the specifications of various European standards EN-12735 part 1 & 2 and EN-12449.
  • Copper industrial tubes are available in straight lengths and (LWC) coils.
  • Packed in shrink film, cartons or wooden cases.
  • Available in different tempers; R360 & R290 in hard quality, R250 for semi-hard quality and R220 in soft quality.

Level wound coils

TALOS® ACR copper tubing is available in layer wound coils (LWC) with or without cardboard core. The outside of the coils can be protected with reinforced cardboard.

Capillary tubes

Ideal for manufacturing refrigeration compressor fittings for special applications and well suited for repairing industrial and domestic refrigerators and air conditioners.

Cu-DHP copper capillary tubes are available in soft (annealed), semi-hard or hard, in various coils weights.