Copper tubes - Sanitary

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Drinking water and gas tubes

Roba supplies copper pipe systems for clean and safe domestic (drinking) water for sanitary applications and heating in residential construction. Application in all types of buildings such as family houses, high-rise apartments and office buildings. Water is essential for everyday life and copper plays an important role in this.

Copper tubes offer significant advantages such as: stable chemical and mechanical properties, resistance to high operating pressures and temperatures, air and water tightness, antimicrobial properties and ease of installation.


  • Copper tubes for the plumbing & heating industry are available in drawn and annealed versions (referred to in the industry as “hard”, “half-hard and” soft “) and in a wide variety of diameters and wall thicknesses. Connections are simple, reliable and economical to make, additional reasons for choosing copper tubes.
  • CU-DHP copper plumbing tube with high purity of minimum 99.9% copper. 
  • Manufactured according to the specifications of the European standard EN1057 and EU regulations for construction products.
  • All Roba copper plumbing tubes are internally cleaned during production to ensure resistance to internal corrosion for years to come. This cleaning process has been tested and certified by recognized quality organizations such as Kiwa Gastec and RAL / DVGW. 
  • All Kiwa certified tubes are supplied with end caps to prevent contamination by dust and other particles during storage or transport.