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Copper flat bar

Copper flat bars are strips pure copper with a standard length of 4 meters.

Copper flat bars are widely used in the conduction and electricity industry. Copper has the highest electrical conductivity of all common metals on Earth. This property, combined with its strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, makes it unique in utility as a conductor of electricity. It is only silver that has better conductive properties over copper. Our materials are used in electrical engineering, in the construction of switch boards, for grounding and lightning protection and even for decorative purposes.


Roba offers copper flat bars in various widths and thicknesses, depending on the application. We supply bare and tinned copper flat bars in accordance with all applicable standards and guidelines. In addition to the standard range, we are also happy to help you with specials in deviating sizes, round bars or fabricated profiles that we can deliver in exact sizes, based on your drawings.

  • Copper flat bars with a standard length of 4 meters
  • Electrolytic copper is referred to as Cu-ETP and has a purity of at least 99.9%
  • Depending on the size, it is supplied in a semi-hard (R250) or hard (R300) quality, all according to EN 13601