A passion for metal

The metals sector is continually changing. When it comes to the supply of metal products, you want a partner who knows what they are doing. A partner who advises you openly and honestly whether you should buy at that time or not. A partner who is flexible enough to be able to deliver swiftly and if necessary to keep your supplies in stock. Roba Metals is such a partner.

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  • Steel

    Short delivery times. Honest advice about the correct time to buy. Long term vision. Unbiased information about materials. Good service and quality from the most suitable source for you. These are just a few of the requirements you probably recognise. The steel division of Roba Metals constantly ant...

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  • Recycling

    Roba Metals was established in 1937 for recycling activities. These continue to form part of our core activities. The focus is on non-ferrous metals, in which we manage and implement the entire process, from source, logistics and processing to melting down and sale.

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  • Non-Ferrous

    A good price and swift availability are two important requirements where non-ferrous semi-finished products are concerned. Roba Metals combines this with a market approach which takes into account your requirements, for example the reduction of risks associated with the buyer's procurement. The cons...

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  • Stainless steel

    ‘Specialists in low tension sheet material’. That's how you could best describe the stainless steel/aluminium division of Roba Metals. Stainless steel has to be as flat and low tension as possible if you want to process it using a laser cutter, for example, or other fabricating machinery. These ...

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The right partner for many years

The independent Dutch family business Roba Metals supplies steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous semi-finished products internationally, processed or otherwise: from stock or to order. You can also come to us for cradle-to-cradle recycling.

As a result of our passion for metal we have been the right partner to many customers for many years already. Would you like to benefit from a partnership with a partner with in-depth knowledge, experience dating back to 1937 and around 500 passionate employees? Could you make use of our expertise, professionalism and focus on results? Could you benefit from market opportunities together with us?
If so, please contact Roba Metals.

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