Short delivery times. Honest advice about the correct time to buy. Long term vision. Unbiased information about materials. Good service and quality from the most suitable source for you. These are just a few of the requirements you probably recognise. The steel division of Roba Metals constantly anticipates these (and many more) requirements.

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You can always count on good service and optimum quality

Our steel division has sales offices and stock locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland. The division has its own fully-fledged Steel Service Centre. From there we can supply sheet steel products (slit band and plate) from stock or newly rolled. We are also a trader of coils. This enables you to benefit from a wide availability of materials, short, reliable delivery times and the opportunity to enter into long term contracts. However and from wherever we supply, you can always count on good service and optimum quality, regardless of source.

Seeking (market) opportunities
Flexibility and innovation are the core values of our steel division. Monitoring the latest developments, always seeking (market) opportunities and financial security through short term or even multi-year contracts; this underlines our passion for metal and for you the customer.

Financially sound
The steel division of Roba Metals is also the right partner for suppliers. We are a financially sound organisation which has been a reliable partner to many suppliers for a number of years now.