Stainless steel/aluminium

Specialists in low tension, sheet material. That's how you could best describe the stainless steel/aluminium division of Roba Metals. Stainless steel has to be as flat and low tension as possible if you want to process it using a laser cutter, for example, or other fabricating machinery. These requirements for flatness also apply to aluminium, for example when used for facade cassettes. Our machine is equipped with the most modern leveller, as a result of which we can supply you with very flat, low tension material.

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All possible processes under one roof

Roba Metals can process coils up to 27.5 tonnes. We have a new state-of-the-art machine which can produce plates up to 12 metres long, 2 metres wide and 5 millimetres thick. These might not be dimensions you require every day but it serves to underline our extensive production capabilities.

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As far as the supply of stainless steel and aluminium is concerned, you have no need to worry about further processing. The products supplied must simply be good and ready for immediate processing. At Roba Metals we offer everything under one roof: decoiling, polishing, brushing, foiling of plates and slitting of coils. Whatever processing you require, it can be done at Roba Metals' Service Centres.