Non-ferrous semi-finished products

A good price and swift availability are two important requirements where non-ferrous semi-finished products are concerned. Roba Metals combines this with a market approach which takes into account your requirements, for example the reduction of risks associated with the buyer's procurement. The constantly changing metal prices on the commodity markets require swift interaction.

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Conex SX

Conex SX brass compression fittings with KIWA and Gastec mark

Successful in the Netherlands, the brass compression fitting Conex SX where the known Sanbra-nut (ribbed) was replaced by a hexagonal nut. The competitive prices combined with the high quality and excellent service has ensured that this fitting line is highly salable. The SX Conex compression fittings are available in sizes 6 to 54mm, both in yellow brass and nickel finish. The SX and the Conex Sanbra are available from stock.
Suitable for drinking water, hot water, heating, compressed air, vacuum, Solar and gas installations.