Non-ferrous semi-finished products

A good price and swift availability are two important requirements where non-ferrous semi-finished products are concerned. Roba Metals combines this with a market approach which takes into account your requirements, for example the reduction of risks associated with the buyer's procurement. The constantly changing metal prices on the commodity markets require swift interaction.

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4000 Series

Conex | Bänninger solder fittings made of bronze and copper with the characteristic> B <- the mark of guaranteed quality and safety.

The manufacturing and quality assurance of> B <Capillary fully comply with the DIN EN 1254 and the DVGW regulations GW 6 or 8 as well as the quality guidelines. This applies to all the available shape and dimensions in the range of 6 mm to 108 mm.

> B below <Capillary copper tube on 12 mm and 54 mm, both the standard values as well as the more stringent values of quality and test the quality community copper pipe eV After their requirements of the residual carbon content should not be on the inner surfaces than 0.5 mg/dm2 - so far less than required by DIN. In addition to the DIN EN 1254, we also note the fitting standards ISO 2016, NF E 29-591.

Solder, transition and threaded fittings series 2000, 3000 and 4000 IBP manufactures of high-quality gunmetal. This material is especially resistant to corrosion and dezincification resistant and therefore suitable for use in aggressive media (eg seawater). Complete the Conex | Bänninger range with the practical accessories, amongst others consisting of solder, flux and deburring tools.