Non-ferrous semi-finished products

A good price and swift availability are two important requirements where non-ferrous semi-finished products are concerned. Roba Metals combines this with a market approach which takes into account your requirements, for example the reduction of risks associated with the buyer's procurement. The constantly changing metal prices on the commodity markets require swift interaction.

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3000 Series

Brass Threaded Plumbing Fittings

The Conex Series 3000 are red brass threaded fittings available in size 1/4-2". The bronze threaded fittings are made in analogue with the equivalent to DIN 2950 for the manufacture of malleable iron fittings, threaded to DIN 2999/ISO 7.w:

Features and Benefits:

Red brass threaded fittings.
Available in size 1/4-2".
Our bronze threaded fittings are made to DIN ISO 228 and ISO 7.
Manufactured to BSEN 1254-4
Fully corrosion resistant.
Immune to dezincification.
Hydraulic working temperatures and pressures