Non-ferrous semi-finished products

A good price and swift availability are two important requirements where non-ferrous semi-finished products are concerned. Roba Metals combines this with a market approach which takes into account your requirements, for example the reduction of risks associated with the buyer's procurement. The constantly changing metal prices on the commodity markets require swift interaction.

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>B< Push

>B< Push, Fits fast, fits... multiple tube types

Conex >B< Push is a universal fitting that can be used with many different tube types, thus reducing the inventory costs of professional plumbers. It is ideal for use in retrofit plumbing systems where space is confined, or when heat must be avoided.
Conex >B< Push – a professional, universal cold jointing solution for a wide selection of pipes including copper, CPVC, Multilayer, PB and PE-X. So instead of carrying lots of fittings for lots of jobs, using Conex >B< Push means a lighter toolbox weight and lighter inventory costs.

Fast and Convenient to Install

Conex >B< Push is fast and convenient to install as it takes just five seconds to create a secure joint. Once connected, Conex >B< Push remains firm but not fixed so it can be easily turned without becoming misaligned.

Slimline Shape, Heavyweight Performance

Conex >B< Push’s slimline design makes it ideal for tight corners, but don’t be fooled. Its stylish looks may be ideal for exposed pipework but they also hide a patent pending body design made from corrosion-resistant DZR that guarantees a heavyweight performance.

Simple and Reusable

Conex >B< Push is designed with a high quality o-ring (EPDM), a stainless steel grab ring and a plastic collar to ensure the tube fits correctly into the fitting body.
Conex >B< Push offers tremendous strength and durability. It is simple to install and has a professional demounting tool to allow the fitting to be reused up to twenty times.

Electrical Continuity

Conex >B< Push’s special design ensures electrical continuity is maintained throughout metallic pipe joints so earth bonding is not affected.